The Southern California Basque Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1946 by Basque settlers that moved to Southern California from the "Basque Country" and wanted to carry on their Basque Heritage and traditions. Over the years the club has grown in size to over 100 members currently but the Basque culture has been passed down from generation to generation. The times have changed since 1946 but the traditions instilled by the founding members are still carried out today. The annual Southern California Basque Club picnic is held the first week of July every year. The picnic holds many traditions found within the Basque community including: Basque Food, Basque Dancing, Drinks and you might even find some Mus being played throughout the day.

SCBC Video Histoy of Club:

2016 NABO Convention

NABO Jr Mus Tournament Winners:

1st Place: Elena Duhart & Jeanine Duhart
2nd Place: Matthew Jaureguy & Martin Almirantearena


Winners - Raffle Tickets

Saturday Night

6th ( $50) Matt
5th ($100) Noka
4th ($200) Dave Schultz
3rd ($300) Dickie Jones
2nd ($400) Alexandra Quincey
1st ($500) Jane Buriss

Sunday Night

6th ($ 100) Jessica Iriarte
5th ($ 200) John Plaa
4th ($ 300) Mary Jane Labrucherie
3rd ($ 400) Dean Conley
2nd ($ 500) Randy Gariador
1st ($1000) J.P. & Linda Iriart